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Discover Three Centuries of Lancaster County’s Past in Maps and Photos E-mail
Illustrated Historical Atlas of Lancaster CountyWhether you are a native to Lancaster or a newcomer to the county—a genealogist or a map collector—you should join a select group of charter owners of one of the most unique books about our area: The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Lancaster County. This large format, full-color volume features a complete reprint of the rare 1899 Atlas of Surveys of Lancaster County. More than just a straight reproduction of the original maps, The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Lancaster County takes you on a complete tour of the county — township-by-township, borough-by-borough — from Elizabethtown to Little Britain, from Columbia to Terre Hill

Every page of the rare 1899 Atlas is presented, and is accompanied by hundreds of archival photos from local historical societies and private collections. These images help to illustrate not only how the local area appeared at the turn of the twentieth century, but also gives a glimpse into the people, homes, places of worship, amusements, and businesses of the area throughout the 1900s.

The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Lancaster County will be a much treasured resource for many read E-mail
  • lancaster_map.jpg Map Collectors will appreciate the beauty of the full-color, hand-drawn maps of the townships, cities, and boroughs of Lancaster County. The detailed, close-up views of the larger towns—including Lancaster, Lititz, Columbia, New Holland, Manheim, Strasburg and many others—illustrate the location of businesses, churches, schools, trolley lines and much more.

  • Genealogy Enthusiasts will use the Illustrated Historical Atlas of Lancaster County to locate the homes, farms, and businesses of their ancestors. A convenient index in the back provides a complete listing of surnames, business names and important structures on the maps— allowing researchers to quickly locate the detail they need on each map.

  • Historic Preservationists will find a treasure-trove of information on the location of long-lost buildings, the route of trolleys and railways, the existence of cemetery plots and original location of roads and bridges. The full-color city maps inform the reader of the construction method used for each building: yellow = wood structure, red = brick structure, and gray = stone structure.

  • Long-time Lancaster Countians will reminisce about “the good old days”, as they view the photos of everyday life in their hometowns. From “Old Main” at the Millersville State Normal School to long-gone covered bridges; from early days of the popular Watt & Shand department store to the miniature railway along the banks of the Conestoga, the Illustrated Historical Atlas of Lancaster County will take the reader on a sentimental journey into Lancaster County’s past.

  • Penn Square - Lancaster PA Newcomers to the County will learn about Lancaster’s rich and diverse history through the maps and photos of every corner of the county. The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Lancaster County would make a great gift for those who want to learn more about “America’s Garden Spot.”

  • Business Customers and Associates will appreciate receiving this one-of-a-kind business gift which demonstrates your company’s Lancaster County roots, and your commitment to the region. Rather than the usual pen-and-pencil sets or coffee mugs, consider giving a copy of the Illustrated Historical Atlas of Lancaster County which will be treasured and retained for many years to come. Contact us for more information on quantity discounts and special limited editions—customized with your company logo and information.